Tualatin Valley Theatre & Music, LLC

Theatre Support Service

We offer a variety of theater supprt services including: equipment rental, experienced stage hands, lighting design, set design & construction, and much more!

While every show is different and probably won't even be comparable to the previous, here are some general Personnel labor costs:

Our production crew comes with all the tools necessary for each show. Please contact us for a price estimate and availability for equipment rentals.

Travel Expenses: Road travel charges are based on round trip mileage from the 97223 zip code to your location via Google Maps. The first 50 miles are free, each additional mile will be billed at $1.25 per mile.

Keep in mind that the above prices are general costs only, each show may be quoted different prices! We do offer discounts for return clients as well as the amount of resources needed.

Other charges are included when the distances are long enough to make a round-trip impractical and/or your event is scheduled for more than one day. Overnight rates are $100 per person per night to cover food and lodging expenses.

Question: Our community theatre is on a tight budget, what about us?
Answer: Simple! As long as your group has an IRS 501(c)(3) tax exemption and can afford the lunch and/or dinner on tech days, you're in luck! While your entire show may not be free, we do offer greatly discounted rates for non-profit organizations. Please contact us for all the specifics! Some limitaions do apply.