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What they're saying about us!

Mask & Mirror thanks you for all your hard work and your reliability during our recent production of "Sylvia"

When Nick told us that he had met a guy who had knowledge and experience with stage lighting, we were thrilled. We've had just one young woman who had lighting experience, and she was not always available. We were very impressed on that first afternoon when you scrambled up and down that tall ladder time and time again without any fuss! The lights looked great for this show.

Then we met your creativity as you generated ideas to light the glow tape, the stage ramp, and the concessions and membership tables. And of course, we observed how you pitched in wherever and whenever another set of hands was needed, setting chairs, moving furniture, or getting our stuff stowed every night.

In short, Brian, you have been a great asset on this show. I hope we can find a way to have you back whenever possible. I will always be grateful for the job you did for us!

Pat Romans, Producer of Sylvia
Brian took what we thought was a mediocre light board and discovered how to turn it into a first rate, lighting system capable of lighting multi-area sets we never thought possible. He saved us a bundle of dollars we were about to spend to needlessly upgrade to a more expensive system!

Gary Romans, President, Mask & Mirror Community Theatre